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Dreadnoughts - March 19 @ Twisted Kilt-155
Dreadnoughts - March 19 @ Twisted Kilt-150
Dreadnoughts - March 19 @ Twisted Kilt-147
Dreadnoughts - March 19 @ Twisted Kilt-124
Dreadnoughts - March 19 @ Twisted Kilt-120
Dreadnoughts - March 19 @ Twisted Kilt-99
Dreadnoughts - March 19 @ Twisted Kilt-88
Dreadnoughts - March 19 @ Twisted Kilt-48
Dreadnoughts - March 19 @ Twisted Kilt-44
Dreadnoughts - March 19 @ Twisted Kilt-28
Dreadnoughts - March 19 @ Twisted Kilt-14

on the weekend i went up to edmonton to catch the last of three Dreadnoughts shows. i guess the St. Patty’s day show was epic, and then thursday not so much, and then friday the owner told them to go on at ten. only problem was that there was a hockey game and a UFC fight on, so they didnt get on til closer to 11. the whole set of pictures is here. i’ve been to a few of their shows, and i’ve also hung out with them before or after because they’re good friends with my friend Ally. usually they crash at her place and may shennanigans are had. pretty much every time i’ve met them they’ve been fairly liquored up, so when I went over to her place saturday afternoon and they introduced themselves (again) at different points and states of napping, I’d just grin and say “yeah, I’ve met you about four times.” and then they have that “oh… really…?” look and then Ally goes “yeah, you’ve just been drunk each time.” they’re cool guys, they put on a good show, they’re from Vancouver and if you have a chance to go see them, go see them. srsly. you will only disappoint yourself if you don’t.

i turned my alarm off in my sleep last night, so in a moment of half sleep this morning, wondering why i wasn’t fully awake yet, i rolled over and saw that it was an hour past when i should have been up. fun times. so after a rushed shower and breakfast I get outside, put the van in reverse and hear tires spinning in snow. more fun times… anyway, i managed to get out, got to work (only 15 minutes late) go to sit down, and then immediately get sent back out to pick someone up. blegh.

i cleaned up my place when i got home. laundry, vacuum, dishes, clean up the clutter. gonna knock back a neocitran in a bit to kick this stupid cold that’s trying to stay with me.

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