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one of the good things about reffing a fast paced game is that you sweat a lot. I’m just going to go ahead and say I managed to sweat out the bulk of the head cold i was suffering last week. gotta say, I wasn’t really looking forward to jam reffing hopped up on advil cold & sinus, coldFX, 5 Hour Energy and about three litres of water. i felt pretty good after though. and the injury free streak of games I’ve been to ended. only one dislocated hip to report from the away team.

we’ve got two games coming up in april, one in calgary on the 16th, and then a double header on the 22nd.

and then a week on a beach in the dominican.

I have to do advanced voting for the election cause we’re flying back the day of general voting.

all I have to say about the whole shebang so far is that if your first announcement is basically a gimmick and met with scorn all around, you probably didn’t start with your best foot forward. seriously… “IF we dont have a deficit by 2015, MAYBE you’ll benefit.” what a fucking joke.

i left my camera t home last night, which kind of sucks cause I made a stellar meal. porckchops stuffed with shitake mushrooms, blackberries and blue cheese, salad of radicchio, endive, yellow tomato, cranberry goat cheese with a dressing made of olive oil and balasmic vinegar with a bit of smoked paprika in it, with french bread to dip in oil, and some kiwi berries on the side. im going to make this again, but with some modifications. im going to swap out the blackberries because of the seeds. i could go with apple, but I think i’ll try blueberries instead. or cranberries. then I want to smoke it on the bbq. also, i want to get a flatter cut of chop, these were really thick and didnt have a lot of stuffing room.

this is making me hungry and I havent had dinner yet.

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