there are four lights

my table right now

this is what my table looks like right now. some people may qualify that as ‘kitchen table’ or ‘dinner table’ or ‘dining room table’, but seeing as how I have one table, and this is it, all I have to really say is table. I don’t have a coffee table, so you can see how this distinction is easily made. as you can see, it’s cluttered. so is my bedroom floor. so are my kitchen counters. my living room is the exception.

it’s wednesday. im quite exhausted for a wednesday. ive been up to edmonton twice this week for meetings. ive had to double up on meetings twice this week. i’ve been designated as “you are going to become our new expert on this brand new system we’re going to use” person. I’m on a project that involves three provinces that requires constant attention. I’ve been assigned to a new committee to look at certain operational aspects. I’ve been going nuts trying to nail down all of our officials and setup for our season opener bout this weekend. we have a league board meeting at 9pm tomorrow… i get to spend several hours doing track setup at our venue on friday night. saturday i get to make sure our officials are all in order again.

i probably wouldnt mind all this as much if I were getting more than four or five hours of crap sleep over the last few days.

i can sleep in on sunday though.

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