they’ve gone to… plaid!

General Jersey

photo creds: Christina Molendyk

stayed home today after my body decided that the germs it’s been fighting off for the better of two weeks from half the people in the office should start winning. given that i woke up feeling like total ass saturday morning and had a few hours of bout set up left, plus a game to ref that night, I weren’t too happy. you know when you have to do something and you feel sick and you’re like “fuck, I can’t be sick bring on the advil!”? yeah, except it was advil, coldFX, fishermans friend, gatorade, more coldFX, vitamins and the like. just to make it through the bout. which I did. even if it meant I only lasted an hour at the after party and walked home pretty much wheezing and feeling like i could fall over and sleep on the road.

here’s a recap. they spelled my name wrong, but whatever. I’m also not on the mens team. nooooo way. that’s a fucking suicide mission if ever there was one. there was a mens game between Vancouver and Calgary last week in Armstrong, and there were at least six guys out with some bone(s) broken. i’ll stick to whistling and yelling.

there’s a dude in a big yellow truck that just drove up the lawn in front of the building.

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