so your dolls are favoured to win

OCDG v. Rated PG-81
OCDG v. Rated PG-6
OCDG v. Rated PG-4

i’ve got four meetings this week, a derby bout to help set up, officials to organize, new skaters to train, schmah schmah schmah.

i don’t like the fact that Ted and Zoey are going to hook up. fyi, How I Met Your Mother was on. I get the eastern feed, so I can watch it at 6, so I get to go YAY or NO TED early. as I was saying, i don’t like Zoey. if, at this point, you dont wish to read further about angry ramblings about a sitcom, go no further. why don’t I like Zoey? because we know she’s not the mother. she’s not. you know what that means? that means that inevitably she and ted won’t end up together and she’ll fucking rip his heart out. LEAVE THE GUY ALONE!  I also don’t really like how the writers have basically forced her into the show. she has a backstory that hasn’t developed that well, and she hasn’t shown what she adds to the show yet other than making Ted feel all fucked up.  and SHE’S EVIL.


my contract is getting extended again. well, more like making permanent. so yeah. i get another raise in the coming months. and more vacation time.

i need to get another suit because all my suit pants don’t fit anymore. i used to think that buying dress clothes was a hassle. but now, now I know the awesomeness of picking out a suit. so sometime over the summer I’m going to go get one to prep for the banquet. and it will look LEGEN- wait for it…

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