neoclassical turdism

this is my halloween costume for this year. it took about an hour to put together. not that i expect to wear it much, kind of hard to drink a beer with it on and im splitting my time on saturday between a derby halloween party and chilling out on a couch with a pretty girl drinking more beer but sans the rest of the people running around.

less than two weeks until i head out to Vancouver and have a radtastic time with my italians.

the most entertaining conversation I had today consisted of:

d: Dude, i just took the perfect shit. it had the dq swirl and a perfect plume of steam coming up off it.

what the hell did you eat to make the perfect dq swirl shit?

d: Burgers and beer last night with a side of bbq chicken wings.

should have gone for a Randy Marsh shit.

d: No i much prefer this. It’s not everyday you can claim you took the perfect shit.

True, but that brings up the question as to whether Randy Marsh only took the biggest, or a perfect big shit.

d: It was football shaped. Thats no the classic perfect turd.

It’s the progressive perfect turd, whereas yours is a masterpiece of neoclassical turdism.

d: That brought a tear to my eye.

Why aren’t we famous for coming up with these things yet?

d: Patience my friend, patience.

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