three rips and you’re done

im pretty convinced that this is the greatest song about halloween ever. im annoyed that there aren’t more results on youtube for it. I saw these guys open for Coheed & Cambria a few years ago at the Vogue and was completely blown away. that’s one of the only times ive passed up buying merch for the headliner in favour of the opener.

unfortunately, I listened to the itunes previews of their new album the other day and pretty well hated it. radio friendly killed the album.

i have to go up to edmonton today for a retirement party for a family friend. it’s at the faculty club at the u of a, which means i get to spend my night snapping pictures and rubbing shoulders with them phd types.

i like how my schedule for the next two weeks makes me wound way more busy and impressive to random people. i had to call back the property manager people for this building about a crack in my bedroom window and the lady was like , “when’s a good time to come look at it?” and was like “well, I’m in Edmonton this afternoon and tomorrow morning, Sylvan Lake on Wednesday, next week I’m in Vancouver from tuesday to the end of the week, and the week after I’m in Calgary for a few days.” really, if you didn’t know i spent most of my time at a desk and was going on vacation next week, that all sounds like i do way more of something.


gotta header.

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