the one misleader


i need a nap. you know the problem with naps? you always want to have them when you have other shit to do and then by the time you’ve done that other stuff, you have like thirty minutes to try and power nap. and those are never good cause either your phone goes off or there’s a knock on the door, or you do make it the thirty minutes but you end up with that fucked up half nap feeling where all you want to do is knock yourself unconscious.

today i wondered why you can buy Reese’s Pieces, Reese’s Peanut butter cups and Reese’s Oh Henry bars, but not a jar of Reese’s peanut butter all on its lonesome. that would be tasty i think.

i also got my new wheels today. finally. i had to resist calling ups customer service to bitch about the brokerage fee. that would have ended with me yelling. and quoting law suits up on my screen. first piece of advice: never ever ever use UPS and if you can ask a shipper to use a different service, do it. even regular mail. second piece of advice, if you are forced to use UPs to have something shipped across the border, call them and ask what the brokerage fee will be. if they don’t say, tell them that they have a legal obligation to inform the receiver of any and all fees levied so the receiver has the option to find a different broker. otherwise you end up paying 50% of the value of your goods on top of what you already paid. assholes.

when you order skate stuff you get sitckers. im running out of ideas of where to put them.

tonight is a big derby party with hosting help from a local radio station. given that i havent napped, i think some jager bombs are in order to get the caffeine going.

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  1. There is nothing that pisses me off more then having a shipping company drop something off at my door and deman money, in cash, right then and there. Thanks, but I’ve already paid for this, and I really don’t feel like giving you MORE of my money. Asshats.

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