he’s hookin’ for cheeseburgers

i went to see the new trailer park boys movie and it was definitely good in the way that Barney Stinson would say something is good. so, you know, Legend- wait for it….. DARY!.

for the last few years we had an MPP hockey draft. and even though we’re done the program, and all over the place including china, we still got enough people to sit in front of a computer tonight and do a live draft on yahoo.

I figured that a team name should reflect the spirit of getting lots of points and laughing at other people so I dubbed the 2009-10 team the Git-R’-Dunners. yeah, that’s right. it’s THAT good.

and so, without further ado, or with ado if you decide at this point to get up to get a drink, my team (in order of drafting) consists of:

1. Evgeni Malkin

2. Martin Brodeur

3. Vinny Lecavelier

4. Jay Bouwmeester

5. Chris Pronger

6. Chris Kunitz

7. Simon Gagner

8. Marian Hossa

9. Ales Hemsky

10. Mike Ribeiro

11. Henrik Lundqvist

12. Brian Gionta

13. Loui Erikkson

14. Kimmo Timonen

15. Mike Knuble

16. Andrew Ladd

17. Scott Gomez

18. Pavol Demitra

you know what’s creepy? that new dairy milk ad with the kids with dancing eyebrows. seriously. creepy.

4 Thoughts.

  1. You already know how I feel about that commercial, so thank you again for having it haunt my computer so that I can wake up in cold sweats

  2. The first time I saw that commercial the only words I could get out was “Wow – that girl is going to live to regret that gig some day.”

    Have you seen the Cadbury gorilla ad?

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