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remember when i use to blog everyday and when I didn’t I’d feel super bad about it? I do, but now it seems like I’m forgetting how easy it was at the time to sit down and write something every day. now I’ll sit down, look at the date of my last post and think, ‘wow, has it really been three or four days?’

I don’t like the new Pearl Jam song. to me it just doesn’t sound like Pearl Jam. I came to this realization yesterday driving down the highway. I also came to the realization that red deer radio plays way to goddamn much AC/DC. WAY. TOO. MUCH. so I listen to the Fox online at work in the morning because they don’t play way too much AC/DC and as far as I’m concerned, they still have the best morning show I’ve ever heard.

I finally made some friends here. one of them looks just like Jason Segel and one of them looks just like Ellen Muth. I shit you not, they could be stand ins. I can tell we’ll get along just fine. I can also tell that were they ever to show up in Vancouver they’d have no trouble fitting in with everyone. it’s kind of an odd assumption to make, but sometimes you just know that you can make that kind of assumption.

assumption is a funny word if you stop to think about it. it’s almost like someone is saying ‘ass’ and gulping and making some post gulp satisfaction noise.

3 Thoughts.

  1. i concur about the new pearl jam song, actually the whole album. feels like they’re trying to hard to be garage rock, and when they were good at garage rock, they were just ROCKING, and not trying to be anything but ROCK. but not THE ROCK. no one wants to be that guy. probably not even him.

  2. Are you sure you aren’t listening to Brocket 99? They play lots of AC/DC

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