the rough guide to france

I have a bunch of video and pictures from the drive back to edmonton on wednesday, but there are no wireless signals around and I don’t much feel like uploading them onto my parent’s computer. so i’ll wait.

i lined up a bunch of places to look at to live today. the first one was right behind the building i’ll be working out of and over top of a western wear store. that’s one of those things where you think “that’d be sweet!” and then you get there and you’re like “damn you old baseboards and dingy carpet!”

i’ve been through Red Deer a lot. this is the first time I’ve ever actually driven around the city. it’s all fine and dandy when you have your streets going north south and your avenues going east west, until one of them curves and suddenly you think you’re on a street when you’re really on an avenue that morphed out of a street.

anyway. i had five places lined up to look at, but they weer all an hour apart, and we ended up driving around trying to find them all before the second appointment and then had no idea where we weer going. there’s one hotel we always stop at going through red deer for a piss break. i missed the first turn off into the lot because of construction and had to double back at the far side, when LO! what sign on far fence doth cry for a renter? so i parked by the hotel, let my dad wander in to take a leak and i wandered over to look at the sign, called the number, guy said ‘give me five minutes’, five minutes later we shake hands and say hello, the subsequent ten minutes involved seeing a two bedroom that’s open right now and a one bedroom that’s open at the end of the month. five minutes later we’re in the office putting down the deposit and first months rent. so i’m a staying in the two bedroom until the end of the month at which point I can take the one bedroom if I want it. it’d save me $100 a month, plus it’s pretty big for a one bedroom.

let me paint a word picture for you. i can get gas across the street, i can walk into a bar in 30 seconds, i can walk to one of two liquor stores in a minute, i can walk to one of two malls in five, and walk to work in fifteen.

you know that scene in Fight Club where he’s explaining the IKEA nesting instinct? yeah. so i move in tomorrow. oh, and i got a new bed today too. i’ll have to wait on getting a tv, but whatever.

my new landlord seems like a pretty cool guy. he’s also an Oilers fan, which is also awesome.

anyway, there’s a garage sale down the street and i’m going to go poke around.

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