frogs on a curtain

so I’m all moved in. not everything is unpacked but whatever. i went and picked up some groceries and some odds and ends last night. this morning when I woke up I really had no idea what to do seeing as how usually I’d walk out into the living room, turn on the tv to CBC and let the news be background noise for a while. kind of hard to do now seeing as how I have neither a tv nor cable hooked up.

i went to pick up a case of beer last night too. when i got to the checkout I asked the guy at the register what there was to do around here.

I shit you not, he stopped for a second, scrunched his face up to think about it, and said “well, I stock shelves and sometimes I’m the cashier.”

so when i clarified that, no i mean in Red Deer, he scrunched his face up even more and took a while to think, looking almost like he were actually in pain, to come up with an answer. which was basically, “well, you can go swimming at te community center.”


anyway, i forgot to buy dish soap (i know, who does that?) so I’m going to get that and then go switch my phone to a local number.

3 Thoughts.

  1. Are you car-or-truck equipped? You could go mock tourists at Sylvan lake. This time of year they are ripe for the mockin’.

  2. Going from Van to such a remote place you are brave. Go around and see the sights I’m sure there’s a dive or bar or maybe some weird store that could prove to be worth while.

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