it’s made of wood. and resin.

i went to the night market for the last time in a while. not that that’s really something major considering the last time I went was about three years ago, but still.

it occured to me today that this is the first time i’m moving to a place without somewhere to live yet. i spent a while looking for apartments on craigslist and some other rental sites. and then it occured to me that the extent of my knowledge of Red Deer amounts to a Timmy’s and that hotel we always stop at for a piss break whenever we used to drive south. so i really have no idea where decent places to live in town are. and some of the rental sites were listing places in Sylvan and Innisfail. um, no. oh and there was one that had one listed for Rocky Mountain House. who the hell would want to commute from there to Red Deer every day?

i took apart my shelves today. i have three. they’re all from ikea yet they all have different screws and size allan wrenches. that’s my furniture. i can live without tables and couches for a while, but i think i’ll have to look at a decent bed pretty quick.

the next two weeks are going to be hectic as hell. driving, more driving, finding a place to live, setting up, starting work, getting to know stuff at work, more driving, wedding on the weekend, etc.

at least i can go on some new photowalks.

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