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$7 airport Corona

this bottle of corona cost me $7. had I known in advance that a beer at the airport would run almost ten bucks i wouldn’t have got it. but i was thirsty and i wanted a beer and i have an hour to kill before we start boarding.

it took me about fifty minutes to get front the entrance of the airport to this lounge in the departure area. im not sure if that’s good time or not seeing as how i don’t really fly to the states that much. i’ll go with average. though now that im in here the place seems pretty dead. there’s no hustle and bustle. there’s not really any noise except three french guys a few tables over and the sound of the moving sidewalk thing. and the odd flight announcement.

maybe i’ll finish up the beer and go chill out at the gate. there’s probably enough people not around so i could stretch out.

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  1. That’s why you should save your drinking for in flight enjoyment. It makes a little more sense paying for that when your thousands of feet in the air.

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