im calling shotgun

holy dirty lens batman!not so muchFreemontno shirt no shoes no service

so it was windy as hell here today and i was alittle choked at how many shots i took that were basically completely ruined because i couldn’t keep dust of my lens.

anyway, we got to the hotel at about 11pm last night and they had us down on the 7th floor cause apparently they can’t give you any of the other empty rooms if there are miss america contestants and lyndsay lohans lesbian dj in the hotel. or something like that. so we had two room, both with handicrappers and crap views of air vents and the bathrooms flooded cause the showers were fucking retarded.

so then this morning they moved us up to the 15th floor and now we’re rocking two rooms side by side and they have real bathrooms and real showers and decent views.

scotch count: 1 Glenfiddich at planet hollywood.

today we hit up the outlets. my mom and sister were there for seven hours. i have no idea how they managed that. my dad and i were done in an hour. so three pairs of Cons, a pair of AX and a pair of DKNY jeans later i’m pretty well done my shopping. except for hitting the Ben Sherman store in the shops down on the main floor. my dad and i left my mom and sister at the outlets to do their thing and we headed to Freemont to grab some food. then had a pretty awesome cab ride back to the hotel with a driver from new york who yelled a lot. then we spent the last few hours wandering around the strip a bit hitting a few casinos and grabbing some dessert at Bellagio. I’m up $7 in gambling so far.

tomorrow, machine guns and blue man group.

the wireless in the hotel costs $14 a day. lame.

i keep catching myself wondering what Bimala would think of Vegas. I also keep catching myself trying to decide if i like it because you dont have to care about what you do so much, or if it’s kind of spoiled because of that.

also, i think they should change the sign to the entrance of the city to say “Las Vegas: Fat People and Fake Tits!”

i really hope that anyone who decides to come to the US doesn’t pick Vegas to be their first stop cause it does absolutely nothing to counter the thought that most americans are big and dumb.

right, shower now.

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