the ace of spades

in twelve hours i’ll be somewhere over US airspace on doubt wondering about how many times my name has been checked by some army computer to see if it’s on any lists or something. as unlikely as it probably it, the more imaginative part of my brain still wonders if when i go through customs tonight, the guy checking my passport will be like “Baynglerdesh huh? Wut you gone done spendin four munths in Baynglerdesh fer anyhow? You been to some guldurne terrist trainin camp, boy?”

you know when you get your passport stamped and usually the noise the stamp thing makes is a nice click noise? how come when you go through customs to get into the US it’s not much a nice click as a giant KACHUNK!

now to decide what to do until airport time.

in the meantime, RANDOM AWESOME VIDEOS!

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