you know how when people say “make sure you back up your stuff!” you usually nod and say, of course of course everyone knows that.


i woke up this morning and went to email my last assignemtn ever in. and it wasn’t on my desktop. so i checked my class folder. nope. so i did a ‘recent document’ thing in word. nope. then i did a frantic file search. nada.

a stellar written and designed policy brief for my shitty IS class and apparently it got mixed in with a bunch of random crap i deleted.

yeah, this is just the kind of thing you want to realize on a sunday the day before you’re heading on vacation for a week.

i guess it’s not all bad. i spent two days writing it the first time round. in forty minutes i have a quarter of it redone. half-assed redone, but whatever. it’s a shitty class, so it gets a shitter effort. this is the same class whose two profs have on several occasions forgotten im not an IS major and have failed to include me in any class emails meaning i’ve shown up a few times to either no class, the wrong class or in class with no idea what’s going on.

i think this is also a bit of life going “hey, im gonna fuck with you just a bit more before you take off for a week m’kay?”


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