when the river overruns


i have a general rule when it comes to sleeping in. be out of bed before 11am. if you’re not out of bed by 11am, you’ve effectively wasted your day.

however. today as I dragged my ass out of bed at 11:12 I stopped to think about it. should this rule apply on weekends, especially a weekend where I have no school work left to do at all, no errands to run, and nothing to do but play music and head downtown later?

I decided today I was exempt from the rule.

I’ll be sticking to it for the rest of the week though, considering how much I can go do and see in Vegas FOR A WEEK if I get up at say 8 or 9 each day.

so i had this crazy dream last night. i think it had something to do with the fact that I was reading this piece on CBC last night about movies about bands. anyway, they had a clip up from Some Kind of Monster where they pick Trujillo as the new bassist.

anyway. i had this dream where i was in some kind of audition room full of amps and i was supposed to be playing with metallica in front of the judges, but they kept fucking off. and i was getting mad cause we were going to get disqualified. which eventually we did but i pleaded to the judges and they said something like, k you have 30 seconds so i was running around and found them and was like FUCKING GET IN HERE OR WE’RE DISQUALIFIED! so they came running, but then they just kept fucking around with the equipment and the room just became more and more full of amps and mine kept getting smaller and smaller.

and then i woke up at 4:14am because there was some weird noise coming from the ceiling so i was all half asleep and turned the light on and stared and glared at the ceiling and it sounded just like the entire roof was leaking. and my landlord DID just put a new roof on the house and i didnt know if it was raining or not. and i just kept staring and staring and waiting for the water to come gushing down the wall.

and then i woke up enough to realize that someone upstairs was just taking a piss.

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