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Giants vs. BruinsGiants vs. BruinsGiants vs. BruinsGiants vs. BruinsGiants vs. BruinsGiants vs. Bruins

last night Le Crew went to catch a Vancouver Giants game courtesy of one of Danielle‘s many relatives. we were all spread out over an entire row, so i didn’t even know her mom and cousin were there til the second period.

i would have thought that more people would have been there, there were a crapload of empty seats all over the arena.

i took 200 pictures. actually, i was going to stop when i saw i had taken about 170, but then i was like BURST SPEED ATTACK! and made it a nice round number. not that 170 isn’t a round number, but 200 has two zeros. you know how many i kept out of 200? like 50. that’s what happens when you have a tele lens with no VR. and probably because i had to shoot through a big net and glass.

more pictures here.

i spent most of the third period trying to decide if i was getting annoyed enough with the little shithead kids behind me to turn around and tell them to shut their fucking mouths. every two fucking seconds they’d go “HIT HIM! that was lame! I could totally hit him harder! no you couldnt! yes I could! my tema plays your team next week! i know! dont hit me this time! i never did! yes you did! yeah i totally did i meant to do that! you slashed me! no i didnt! yes you did! yeah i meant to do that and i was laughing my head off and owned everyone and almost scored! you didn town me! edler is the best canuck! no he isn’t! yes he is! HIT HIM!”


i also could have grabbed one of those prize things that those zeppelin balloon things drop when they fly over between periods but i let the little kid beside me grab it. and then everyone’s like WHY DIDNT YOU GRAB IT? so, im sorry if i don’t want to crush the hopes of the one kid in my immediate vicinity who wasn’t being a complete tool and let him have some fun. GOD I SUCK SO MUCH.

pff, yeah like that could ever be true.

i could be a bigger Giants fan. I don’t pay that much attention to WHL games, but when they’re only $15 and it takes me all of 10 minuts to get to the Colesium from my place, it could be something to do. plus, the Oilers killed the Habs the same night. therefore, if i go to a Giants game when the Oil play, they shall be assured victory. it makes complete sense.

you want a game review, this is not the place to look.

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