the most of what you have

defense dates for our program were sent out today. of course I get a monday morning one… meh.

March 2nd 10am.

i’ll walk in with the Imperial March stuck in my head.

i’ve been all over the place today. dario and dean and i are probably starting our weekend hiking jaunts again on sunday, and i left most of my warm stuff in edmonton in the fall so i’ve been running around trying to find base layers. fucking Coast Mountain, you’d think they’d at least have a decent selection instead of only having one kind of Helly Hansen base for $70 a piece. screw that. i found a crew top base layer at zellers on sale for $16. that was after coast mountain, sears, the bay, marks work warehouse, canadian tire… then i ran over to Long & McQuade to check out cymbal stands for Chad cause he’s fucking lazy. then i figured id come home for lunch and then head back out to see if i can find some decent outer layer pants cause i realized i have spring and summer gear here, but not so much stuff for mountain tops with several feet of snow on them.

you’d think Mark’s would have a good choice of stuff, but again, store fail. i dont want to go all the way out to MEC so i’ll probably just head back over to coast mountain.

ummmmmmm. yeah that’s all.

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