i am the voice inside your head

i’m far off my game. i haven’t managed to get much of anything done the last three days. it’s turned into the game of sit, put everything in front of you that you need to work on, then sit there some more and just stare. or you write a sentence and then you dont like it so you delete it. and you do this over and over until the realization sets in that you’ve done nothing to increase the word count for about three hours. and the annoying thing is that when you’ve removed yourself from the situation, when you’re not sitting there trying to get the work done and you’re thinking about it somewhere else, you’ve got a completely clear idea of what you need to do, what you’re going to write, and where you’re going to put it. and then you sit down to do just that, and it’s nowhere to be seen.

the abandonment of creativity juxaposed by its nonexistence.

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  1. that is the longest, best, and most creative description of writers block i’ve ever read, which is a bit of an oxymoron so congrats.

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