titles of conversations

i gotta say, i like the whole handing out individual tasting glasses this year better than the plastic cups last year. year two of Hopscotch pour moi. danielle was kind enough to drive chad and i cause scotch is tasty and the floor might have been moving a bit by the time we left. i had a decidedly better time this year than last year cause last year i was in a pissy mood and didnt have as much fun. well, ok, yesterday i was in a pissy mood most of the day too cause of the whole three days of writers block thing. but this year i said Fuck IT! im gonna have a good time! and i did.
i like going over to their place for dinner cause the conversations always involve hand waving and yelling and i get to laugh.
topics of conversation were many and broad over the course of the night.
in three weeks i’m going to victoria with everett to rock the fuck out at NIN.
i got a bit of the work bug back today and have managed to add some more to my lit review section. slow but sure. i think the Slayer helps a bit.
i called my dad yesterday after i got home from a pretty useless few hours at harbour center to vent about not being able to get anything done. i’ve heard a lot of his stories about university over and over and over and over again to the point where I know a lot of them before he starts into one too much, but i listen every time cause there’s something comforting in hearing them over and over again. plus there’s the odd time where he might drop in a new gem.
maybe i’ll go see the new Bond movie tonight. why not?
the ethics office is still giving me grief over my application and research. i’ve submitted it five times filling it out exactly how they ask me to each time and still they come up with things they dont like. thanks guys, way to make an already stressful project more craptastic.
i should get a haircut.
oh right, i forgot, so wearing a shirt you bought in Bangladesh and wearing an oilers hat are good for many things at many places. for example, they are good for holding people at rapt attention describing the cultural differences in third world countries after you complement them on their spinach dip recipe, and for getting free Big Rock all night because albertans are cool and the Warthog Cream Ale is the greatest beer ever that i hadn’t had in forever cause it’s near impossible to find the damn stuff in Vancouver. if you know where to buy it, TELL ME.

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