newsprint for the rest of us

like the last few years Everett and I headed down to the cenotaph at Victory Square for the Remembrance Day ceremony. it ended up being the best one we’ve been to so far, with the least amount of cheering, no kids with toy guns, and no one talking on their cellphone. well, ok, at one point on the far side of the square some woman was screaming her head off but that lasted about thirty seconds cause some security guys dragged her away. the only oddball who really showed up was this dude with a big placard that said something about “Side Trucer Supreme Being and his Supreme Courts!” and was dropping leaflest on the ground. but kudos to the guy for not making any noise at all, and durng the moment of silence he was dead still and praying, so let this be a lesson to you all, you may be as crazy as you like at this ceremony as long as you stay silent and stil pay your respects. cause people appreciate that.

that would be the destroyer my dad served on. i make a point of finding that picture every year on this day, and probably will til who knows when cause it lets me take a look at just a sliver of what he lived. i know there’s no real approximation for any of that, i’ve heard some of the stories he has but at least that picture does anchor it visually a little bit. i dunno, everyone has their own things they think of today, and this is mine and mine alone.

my landlord just brought down some chicken fried rice. i dont think im totally over the chicken with rice thing yet after this summer, so i’m gonna go ahead and leave it all for my roommate for whenever he appears and i will rock leftovers.

today is also the consecutive integer birthday of an italian who apparently needs to think about no cutting his hair or shaving for six months when close to $200 is on the line. happy birthday buddy.

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