abstract paper pipe cleaners

i’ll have pictures from dario’s birthday thing at the Shadow up later. i’m downloading season 2 of Billable Hours cause it’s awesome.

im going to try for at least another 6 pages of my Cities paper tomorrow.

i went for a walk through Metrotown yesterday cause i was bored and i have to say that i really dont like all the christmas decorations that are already up. usually when i go through there i always have headphones on cause i really don’t like the noise but yesterday i left my ipod at home and i should have brought it cause really, the mall noises in there are creepy. it’s like the spectre of credit haunts everyone who walks through the doors and makes people speak in strange shoppy voices.

apparently i can fix other people’s Word programs over MSN just by thinking about it working properly. yeah, skillz, i haz dem.

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