sometimes i think that if there were to be horrible calamity over night and the world went to total hell, i’d wake up, shrug, and not really care.
i think next week i’ll go to the clinic again to see about some sleeping pills. i generally don’t like taking pills cause i’ve got this ingrained paranoia that i’ll become totally dependent on anything i take that’s not an advil which is probably why i still have 11 ativans left from a perscription i had in february.
my dinner consisted of a beer and a freezer burned, baked enchilada.
i can tell i’m feeling stressed even if i don’t recognize it immediately because i’ve stopped actually hanging my laundry up and started just throwing all the clean stuff in a big pile on my dresser. also that i’ve stopped putting assignments and notes on a shelf and started leaving them in random areas on my bedroom floor.
i have nothing substantial to say. im going to go try to fall asleep, probably fail at it, and toss and turn til 4am until i do and then get four hours of sleep then wake up and try to figure out how to best approach the day.
good news, i bought milk so i dont have to leave my cheerios hanging.

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