fighting a fight with the water line

for the briefest of moments this morning, between the hazy, half-sleep of hitting the snooze button more times than necessary, I thought it was July. I thought this because I woke up this morning to the sound of a lawnmower. in november. i have big thick ugly drapes on my window in my room that basically blot out all existance beyond the glass, so i never really know what the day is like until i go out into the living room with it’s gigantic picture window and either see pouring rain or, like this morning, get blinded.
on those morning where i get blinded, usually I go ‘yayyyyyy suuuuuun!” which is then followed by “noooooooo….cooped up writing papers all day…….” and then by the time i leave to come home later today, it’ll be dark out, so really, I get to see how nice it is for the duration of the skytrain ride downtown.
i should set my alarm for an hour earlier than it is because i generally hit the snooze button that long anyway, and if i tell myself i’ll get up at 8:30, then usually my feet hit the ground at 9:30. i have to make sure i get to harbour center before noon otherwise i risk losing my fav spot in the corner that no one can see.
i’ve been having very ordered dreams lately. it’s hard to explain. they’re very formualic, which im not sure if that’s weird or not given the fact that usually i have supremely fucked up dreams. but these ones are almost predictive the way they flow. i dunno.
cheerios then head out the door.

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