taking on the wild ones

it is fully possible to do Hong Kong on $100 in a day. as long as you can do math and remember what the exchange rate is.
things I was not prepared for upon arrival in Hong Kong included:

– accordian music
– getting temperature checked after deplaning
– walking outside into a sauna
– how stupid jet lag really is.

my handy clock on my mac which is still set to Vancouver time is telling me it’s 4:30 in the am. my watch set to HK time is telling me it’s 7:30 in the pm. I am somewhere in between and starting to feel spaced out.

we managed to ride on every single method of transportation today except a bus. boat, train, plane, tram, etc. the tram was nuts. it was going up a mountain at like a 50 degree angle.

and really, if you want to go shopping, this is pretty much the city to do it in.

also, Burger King on top of a mountain after a 13 hour flight is primo.

going through the gate to get on ANOTHER plane now. LONGEST DAY EVER.

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