litte drapes

im rocking the dial up. my gmail just about killed it.
there’s no internet in our flat yet, and it’s been out of commission on the campus we’re working at for the last four weeks, so im on the computer of one of the nursing students who lives in the flat above ours.
theweird thing is, I have every pther piece of technology that works fine that you could ask for, and…dial up maybe, sometimes.
bought a new D200 in Hong Kong, bought a new phone here. it’s hot as hell. it’s 32 in the shade WITH THE FANS GOING.
im sweating my balls off. literally. like, pouring.
and every night there’s a power outage for anhour because of load shedding.
there’s a gecko that lives in my bathroom, and our kitchen is home to a nest of roaches that come out to say hi at night. there are three cats that live in the stairwell, and two in this flat.
i did laundry by hand today.
there was a SMALL storm last night that just happened to be the edge of a cylcone.
honestly, this is so friggin cool you have no idea.

ok, i feel bad like im hogging this computer that isnt mine, so I will go and play a game now.

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