gravity and the base of water

so, I’m sitting between gates 51 and 52 in the international terminal. earlier there was an Air Canada flight that was at 51 that was delayed by an hour going to Sydney and people didn’t look amused and I laughed.
the only place open is the duty free and they only have one little shelf of water tucked away in some corner. i thought about picking something else up, but I think i’ll get something leaving Hong Kong.
now there aren’t that many people sitting around. that’ll probably change in the next hour or so I guess.
I’m listening to epidsode 47 of Smodcast and thinking about toilets because that’s the topic of conversation. i might plug in my newest external drive and watch the Big Lebowski to pass the time. my flight doesnt leave for another two hours almost.
i think i’ll pop a gravol or two when we take off and hopefully pass out for most of the flight. otherwise tomorrow is gonna be a long ass day.
there’s a part of the international terminal after you go through security where you can look down at the baggage area and it was pretty cool i guess.
maybe i’ll take a nap.

totally necessary.

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