enough about black boxes

there’s a spider on the ceiling right now. it was on the wall before and my mom and sister both demanded that i dispatch of it but i didnt cause it’s way over there and it’s not really bothering anyone.

i went for wings with my buddy mike who i worked with at the County for the last few summers before this summer when i didnt go home. before that i had the sushi with julia. i also had way too much pepsi with wings.
too much sushi plus hot wings plus green tea plus too much pepsi plus valerian root makes for a very tossing and turning time trying to sleep.
however, it does result in probably the most comfortable sinking-in-your-bed feeling when you wake up ever.
on the downside, it results in some spectacularly fucked up dreams. you know the kind where you realize you’re dreaming and you try to wake yourself up but you cant and it just keeps getting more and more screwed up as it goes?
my mom wants to knit me a scarf.
it’s my parents anniversary tonight. we’re having a fondue. i have to prep the food later. 
i also have to somehow figure out how to pack twice as much stuff into one suitcase that i came with.
and DONT WORRY DANIELLE YOU GUYS ARE MY BEST OF FRIENDS TOO but this year it’s the sfu peeps turn for new years. also tell him that ryan and i are WAITING TO PLAY SOME DAMN MUSIC. STILL.

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