fat choys are all around

omg it feels good to be back in a city where people can still wear shorts out. seriously, that cold thing just doesnt agree with me anymore.
thusly i shall now enjoy a hearty repast of lean cuisine instant frozen thing meal that are actually pretty good JUST THROW IT IN A SKILLET.
usually i try to keep my carry-on on a plane to one bag. today i had two bags and a big ass box. and a checked bag. pain in the ass.
im heading up to everett and erin and mike’s later and im not making any resolutions at all.
i never do.
and heres why.

i never do.

whats the point? most people forget them by the end of january. and when you think about it, after the year is have over, it’s no longer a new year, it’s an old year. you dont make old year’s resolutions. plus you’re really the only one who knows what they are so there’s no one around to kick your ass if you slack off. ive never seen the point in making a statement to yourself that you know you really arent going to follow through on as a new years resolution. why cant you just tell yourself you want to accomplish anything yearlong? you want to quit smoking? dont tell yourself at the start of the year and then a few weeks down the road say maybe next year.

thats lame.

my new years whatever will be to heft a bottle and cheer and then go back to whatever we were doing before we all cheered.


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