hee like dem hiced pacs

im going to add something to yesterday’s list….the printer in the student lounge.

i came in to print some stuff off this morning and it jammed twice, fucked up four times and then only printed every other page. screw it. i’ll come back tomorrow to print it off so now im sitting here doing my methods assignment thats bascially a [ractice study design.

so i paid the $2.25 for the saturday globe and mail (didnt it used to be $2?) and im looking through it for a nice article to use and i hit onw about federal spending power and i think “oh this will work nicely” and then i read through it and then it just gives me something else to add to yesterdays list…

david miller.

yes, daivd miller the mayor of toronto. i guess from this article i could also lump in Dalton. alright, Ontario politicians that bitch about Ontario constantly and ignoring the rest of the country. again.

usually i can put up with McGuinty bitching about stuff for ontario because at least he spreads the need around the provine. but when Miller opens his mouth about the federal surplus and says “”The existence of that surplus is outrageous. It is from Torontonians. Almost all of it is our money,” i want to punch him in the fucking face.

you kow what? boo fucking hoo. you want to know why the rest of the country gets pissed off at toronto? there ya go. awww, you’re highways have potholes? gorsh, best forget about sending any federal assistance to any other ity with infrastructure woes because toronto has fucking potholes. awww, you got taxes because you live in toronto? darn, guess we should ignore the rest of the population that also paid taxes and contributed to the federal surplus.

no really, somone please tell me how at best, 20% of the total population of the country paid ‘almost all’ of a $14 billion surplus. i think if you throw out comments like miller, maybe you should have an ‘im an asshole’ tax which would be applied to the whole country to show that the rest of us play fair.

you know what, fine, let miller claim that the majority of $14 billion is from toronto. you can fit the entire popluation of BC in toronto with room to spare, so if we all stay here then we dont have to worry about paying taxes cause apparently no one outside of the GTA really pays them.

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