no no, it’s a ‘refreshment distributor’…

we had our MPP hockey draft today. i dont think i’ll place dead last this year, but i probably wont win but whatever.
lessee… Marc Andre Fleury, Chris Pronger, Sergei Gonchar, Milan Hejduk, Jason Blake, Jason Pominville, Jarret Stoll, Nathan Horton, Dainius Zubrus, Jason Arnott.
i wanted Backstrom on D but i think i managed well enough with Pronger and Gonchar, and im surprised i got both of them seeing as how i was tenth overall.

and then we went to Honey Lounge for Sonu’s birthday. if it hadnt been his birthday no fucking way would i have gone there. seriously, if i wanted to hang out in a hole in the wall i’d go find a garage and decorate it with shitty christmas wrapping paper all over the walls cause even then it would look better. oh, and my pants actually fit me, but i guess that’s not the dress code there.

and how do you take a dj seriously when he uses a Dell XPS laptop that crashes in the middle of songs?

so i came home. oh but the pretty much a trend of me standing in line to get my jacket and one random chick comes up and says she likes my hat continued. see? oilers hat. no sticker on the brim. smyth is still an oiler in her heart too she said.

im totally going to play laser tag when it’s my birthday.

jordan and i were talking alcohol fueled talk about the MPP group. less fueled for me seeing as how i really didnt feel much like drinking tonight. but we were both like “this is it, this is The Group.” and i started to think about that. about how many The Groups ive had in the last five years. The Pages. The Ottawa Rez Group. The Commie Frosh group. The County Group. The McCow Group. The ROL Group. The Madge Group. The Blogger Group. and now The MPP Group. i think it’s weird in a way that there wasn’t really that much crossover between them.
when i started this program i actually felt bad for a lot of my friends because there’d be more time chipped away from them to make room for a new bunch of people. which i think kind of sucks considering im pretty fond of the ROL and Blogger groups. but at the same time i cant really say it sucks because im in a 30 person program. but ive never really liked having to drop back on hanging out with friends ive already spent a lot of time getting to know and having good times with and the likes.
even tonight a few people mentioned that they were surprised i came out this time, which i wasnt really sure how to take. i didnt just move here and mesh with the first bunch of people i have to take class with. i dont think anyone can fault me for not making it out to other nights out with MPP people because i had plans with friends ive had here for a few years already.

sometimes i wonder if i’ll get overloaded knowing too many people and just want to fuck off into some backcountry town and not have to put up with it for a while. i guess next weekend will have to do for a while.

oh and here’s a question, if you add people to your msn list through Adium, does that work fine when you go back to msn? ive added a bunch of people through adium lately and when i go back to use msn only the email address shows up and then nothing happens.

and now i will sleep because why not.

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