ok, who wants to play Rona Ambrose?

i feel like doing a “things that annoy me at the moment” post. just cause.

– the lineup at the tim horton’s at harbour center every morning. it has foiled my wishes to have a breakfast sandwhich in time for class every day this week.

– people who have those backpacks that have wheels and handles and instead of wearing it like a backpack they’re lazy fucks and wheel it around all the time. hi, yeah, it’s called a backpack for a reason turd.

– elementary and junior high kids who have cell phones and wear armani and louis vitton. actually, elementary and junior high kids on public transit. actually, elementary and junior high kids in general ought to cover it.

– the computing lab not being open until 9am and having the only colour printer in the entire fucking building that i can use to print off the assignment i have that has colour in it that’s due right at 9am.

– the spider behind my bookshelf. i know you’re there because i can see your legs. just show yourself and get it over with.

– people who take intramural rec sports FAR too seriously. hey Zidane, i dont care if you’re spanish and wear kappa and puma, it’s just a fucking game.

– Bush doing a 180 on climate change. seriously, dont pussy out just because your top science adviser told the world climate change is caused by humans, we all know you dont think so. also, this morning when you touted nuclear energy as clean energy with no emissions you forgot to mention the part about the nuclear waste that no one can process that won’t ever go away unless you blast it into space.

– skittles.

– the guy with the really bad B.O. who always manages to sit next you on transit.

– CIDA officials who hand over millions of dollars in foreign aid spending without caring if it results in any progress.

– the Metro and 24 Hours hawkers in the morning. ok look, you’re at the skytrain in the morning by my place and i dont want it, you’re inside the skytrain station at waterfront shoving it in my face and i dont want it, and then i walk out the front doors of the station and there’s two more of you, again, shoving it in my face. last year one of you yelled at me when i said i read real news. you sir, are an asshole. Metro and 24 Hours are rapidly chipping away at any form of informative and important news that people should take issue with and replacing it with front page news items about paris hilton five days in a row.

– not having a couch in the student lounge.

– MLA citation style. if you’re not a crazy english lit major there’s no real reason to use it at all.

on a positive note, the dude from the NDI actually didnt suck today. and now im 1st year co-rep for the MPP student union.

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