now we’re moving because he’s pressing the gas

i totally appreciate finding out that our foreign aid dollars are being spent on programs that are useless. and by appreciate i mean completely annoyed.
we had a seminar after class with a speaker from the NDI who’s a friend of one of our profs. he talked at us about Nepal. it was boring. he’s coming back tomorrow for our four hour class. yay.
today he told us about how in Nepal NGO’s that are set up to promote democracy are pretty much sinkholes for aid money. oh yeah, i really like to know that $4 million is given by ONE institute to NGOs set up by political party front groups who claim they’ll make changes at some point on they dont at all, and then our aid agencies come back and tell our government that everything went fine and the aid money was spent successfully. by the by this guy is head of the Nepal division of the NDI and dolls out this money for them knowing this. apparently their idea of promoting democracy in a country where it’s run by mismanaged monarchies and maoists is to tell people to be stricter about watching voters.
good to know our tax dollars are being well spent…

also, the guy has some beef with both the NDP and the Liberals yet constantly tried to reinforce the fact that he’s not a right wing nut. makes a lot of sense.

i think tomorrow i’ll ask him why he’s pissed at the NDP and how he justifies handing over millions of dollars to corrupt foreign government agencies and doing nothing about it then lying to our own democratic governments about it. and yeah teh NDI is a Us body, but he said the same thing happens with CIDA.

we had our first MPP soccer game today. we got pwnd like 14-1.

i finished the first draft of our policy brief assignment and it looks roxom just because of the Agriculture and Agri Food Canada header i put on it. i also found out listening to the Star Wars soundtrack on repeat makes for good writing music.

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