i’m a resolution on a wall on the second floor…yay?

i don’t agree that this is a movie poster picture. more like shitty liner note in an indie cd liner picture.
it should stop raining some time soon.
and as for the resolution…it’s something to the effect of a wall that asks “hey 2nd floor residents, what resolutions do YOUUUUU have this year?” and of course no one writes anything, until some write really small “masturbate less”. until today when we walk by and there’s a new one. written REALLY big.
“Get Pat Laid.”
i don’t even live in that building. but thanks for the consideration guys. way to make it floor wide.
here’s what a panda sounds like when it giggles, and by panda i mean everett.
that’s right. giggles.

current mood: “Cubically Contained” by the Headstones

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