i don’t feel right today. not like sick not right…im not sure how exactly…but not right.
we went bowling for vicki’s birthday yesterday. that was ok. it only took me one whole game to figure out how to throw the ball. after that i only missed half as much.
and then we went to the cellar and my head decided that it would start to fuck with me. i only had one beer all night, and i had enough food and water so it never hit me at all.
i keep telling myself to not go to clubs cause i know what happens, but i have to make an effort for my friend’s birthday. so i got right sketched out with all the drunk people around and the speakers that were like four feet from my head and my eyes were hurting and my ears were hurting and at one point i was really keen on finding a baseball bat and just smashing the speakers into fucking pieces. we got bottles of water…and then i ended up just kind of swaying back and forth squeezing the bottle for dear life…and then my head was like LEAVE and i was like NO i said id come for her birthday! and then it was like LEAVE or you’ll have a shitfit and things will not go well.
so i listened and i left in a hurry and now i feel not so right.
i can’t think of what else to write. im going to north van to sit on a couch and watch the Discovery channel.

current mood: “Beneath” by Nothingface

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