hey frumpytown!

the wall of transparent guitarist things is coming along nicely. up to 14 now.
i decided to make some lunch that was only going to be kale again. but then i figured that maybe if i mix it in with some left over chili that i won’t feel like i poisoned myself with vitamins in an hour. we’ll see.
yesterday everett and i went to go visit Mo. Mo wasn’t at work so we talked to Liz. Mo’s cool. you need no other reason than that to go visit Mo. Liz is also cool. she gave us gum and let us take as many packs of sample gum and condoms from a big box as we wanted. we also snagged some passes to a movie called “Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World”. i have no idea what it’s about, but we get to go for free and we can take two other people.
mike introduced us to audiocrush. you should immediately go download their podcasts because they fucking rule. we’ve been listening to them nonstop for a few days now.
the rez family, comprising of me, everett, stevie, erin, and mike, with probably appearances by liz and corey, have decided to begin our own podcast. we’re pricing out mixers and mics right now. more info on this to come.

and remember: gravy is the cream of meat.

current mood: fucked up bullshit dinosaurs

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