I think that’s a great shot

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a couple of times last week we were sitting in the office looking out the window watching it snow again when someone mentions that it’s above 20 in Winnipeg or Ottawa or Halifax. Nothing quite raises the ire of office workers like arriving to clear skies in the morning, then watching it snow and hearing about how people out east are going to the beach in March.

I PVR’s the Malaysian Grand Prix on TSN because Speed just goes blank. the hell? I tried to watch the Australian GP on Speed and it was just black the whole time. thus, I’m stuck with TSN who decides it needs to cut away mid-lap for terrible ads. I don’t really want to risk setting the pvr to Speed if all I’ll get is two hours of black screen.

yesterday we went to Calgary for camp food and a spatula.

well, ok, a spatula didn’t come back with us, but thanks to a couple of MEC gift cards, I’ve got a week’s worth of backpacking food. and new hiking pants. and some new biners. The MEC in calgary is super nice, except for the parking lot. MEC is awesome, their building planning and green policies are amazing, but they absolutely suck at parking lots. they’re always too small, yet people drive around in them like they’re at a fucking mall.

speaking of mall parking…

we ended up driving way down to the south end of calgary to check out Crate & Barrel at South Something Mall Place. from there we went to Chinook Center and the epicenter of retarded parking lot driving.

seriously. driving training should include a test of that parking lot on a saturday afternoon. it’s just maddening. The Japanese have got it right with their parking lots where you pull in, put your car in a pod, get a ticket and it whisks it away to a cubby hole with robot arms and conveyor belts.

I need to go on a tangent here about TSN again. They got a red flag due to rain, have been sitting behind the safety car waiting to start again, they get the signal that the race is just about to restart and TSN cuts to commercial. LAME.

anyway, we wandered through Chinook, which included a trip to the LEGO store, Williams-Sonoma, clothing stores aaaaaaaand not a single bag came back home with us. not a one. the only thing we bought there were two hots dogs and a bottle of water at Orange Julius. I enjoy their, hot dogs, even if they’re kind of crap. but they’re that kind of crappy mall hot dog that just hits the spot. not quite as good as New York Fries hot dogs though.

When we got home, I wanted to put my camp food away, but the storage room was kind of in shambles and i got into that zone where I feel the need to move things around until I can get one thing put away right even if it means moving everything on every shelf in there. it’s like a giant, real life version of Tetris almost.

we might be buying a bigger tent for group camping. this fills me with much joy, because it means I get to look at more tents. it also means that I might consider trading both my MSR Hubba and Hubba Hubba tents for an MSR Fury. maybe. we’ll see. or an Integral Designs MK2 Lite. maybe. probably not, but maybe.

aaaaand…. that’s all for now.

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