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Without question, most everyone had at least one drunk St. Patrick’s Day text conversation last night.

Don’t even try to say no, you did.

Here’s mine (see if you can spot the progression of drinking):

P: Free box seats at a WHL game. Winning.

P: I do t know if I can go back to regular seas after a sky box…

D: Ha try the box seats at Rogers arena. You’ll never accept normal seats anywhere again.

D: Also we are recording a video later about Spartans.

D: And and I will eat 5 McDonalds cheese burgers in 2 minutes. You need to move back.

P: Nuiiiice. How muxh free booze have tou ha to ight? im on number 6 rum and coke counting doubles.

D: I had had one pathetic free shot. I’m going to throw all this back in your face one day you’re aware of that right

P: Hey. Hey. *Inside joke that shall not be repeated here* Remember tht. Hahahahahahah

D: I Donny care. Tell anyone you want. I have avf now… and she had a vagina.


P: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA fcking smoooooth dude

D: Yep that’s me Smith as such

P: Fxkin A buddy, fuckin A

D: Fuck tag!!

P: Hahahaha that makes no sense but YES

D: It makes ask the sense in the works

P: Totally hahahaha i should raid the mini bar before we leave hahahaha

D: I succotash you as a friend if you’d dont

P: Notd Sylvester the Cat. I finished off all the rum in the box. time for SCOTXH

D: Breanna! Briggs!

P: Wrf are those porn stars?

P: Dide. Dude. Deunk texts are AWESOME

D: Duh, why else with they VCR

P: Fuch eah. What?

D: Fico yeah!

P: I c

P: I convinced a lady at work i didnt know what a vce was and she belwived me hahahahahahahah

D: Hahahahahaha what a snug curvy

P: Lman. When we read this conversation tomorrow hahahahahah

D: I pan on latching Mg a Off

P: Fum yeahdude. Fk. Ardbeg or Kilchoman or Bowmore?

D: Arsbeg

P: Good call. Good call. Sae mobey. Biuy it out here.

D: Ween doo

P: Hahahahaha that sounds like star wars

D: Fucking need

P: Whatwver it’s teue

D: …….Ducking nerd

P: Fuck you started that shit whate et

P: Napolean Dynamite is on thefuck f rv.


And that, boys and girls, is a prime, textbook case of a drunk text convo that you won’t regret in the morning.

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