the moose has left the meat

Broken Rings by Pat Zaph

this is the third song I wrote in the last week or so. I gave this one the most attention of the three. and by attention I realize that these in no way sound properly mixed or anything, but whatever. for a couple of days fucking around with garageband I think they’re ok.

I do think that they lose a bit of clarity on soundcloud though. maybe i’ll try to save them as a different file type and that’ll help…

so it’s christmas eve day. I have the next week off. that means I get to vacuum, dust, wash, do dishes, bathe the dog, etc etc etc.

most of that’s done today.

I still have to coerce Bernard into the tub at Aimée’s mom’s house and make him stand there giving me one of those “but… but…but…” looks.

we’re having about a dozen or so people over tonight for drinks and foods and stuff.

for this gathering I have decided to prepare and orange, saffron aioli. from scratch. none of this, ‘just add stuff to mayonaise’ shit. no. blender, eggs, oil, other stuff. scratch.

cooking skills, biotch.

you know what’s pissed me off all December? you turn on the tv and there’s all these christmas movies on that everyone gets excited about. I have no problem with that, my issue is with a glaring and ignorant omission in the Christmas movie on tv genre.

At no point during the month was A Muppet Family Christmas on. at all. what. the. fuck.

You can have your Christmas Story and you Miracle on 34th St. those are pithy in comparison to A Muppet Family Christmas. Name one other movie where you have the entirety of Jim Henson’s work in one movie. do it. you won’t though, because you can’t!

who programs christmas tv schedules and doesn’t think “gee, this is probably the greatest holiday movie ever and it should be played every goddamn day!”

obviously lots of people.

and you know what else is baffling about that? you can’t buy it on iTunes. seriously, someone fucking get on this. WE’RE MISSING THE FUCKING FRAGGLES AND THE SNOWMAN AND SWEDISH CHEF TRYING TO KILL THE TURKEY!


I suppose I should go wash the dog now.

I’d say merry jebusmas, but with A Muppet Family Christmas, it’s just not the same…

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