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Dark Horizons by Pat Zaph

I wrote another song. actually, I’ve started a third one that I like the best of the three so far, but I like this one too. I need to actually sit down and write out the lyrics for the third one. I was going to do that for this one, but a) I’m lazy and b) I think they work ok here. I keep going back to the last minute of it because it just seems to me like it’s built up. in the overall context of the song, it isn’t really, but that’s what I get out of it.


yesterday, whilst picking up a package at the post office…

and on this subject, you know my abject hatred of UPS? ok, yes I’ve seen the video of the FedEx guy, but UPS is the stupid company that tells me they leave delivery notices and then don’t leave shit all. so I knew I had a package coming through postal. it had an online delivery date of December 13. on december 18 it said that a delivery notice had been left on my door.

no. no there hadn’t been. not on the door, not on the gate, not in the mailbox. fucking Canada Post. don’t you start with that shit too.

actually, I think that was the whole point of that post office story…

oh, no wait. the point was to tell of what happened when I was in line.

so, I’m in line behind this woman. suddenly her daughter, maybe 8 or 9…or 10?… runs up holding this teeny bopper magazine and goes “mommy mommy! look!” and points at the cover that says “Justin’s Hidden Loneliness”. and she was oh so very excited because “Justin’s lonely! maybe he’ll love me!”

her mom just went “sure, yes I see” and then the kid ran away with the magazine. presumably to hide in a corner and ruin the paper with her tears of commercialized desire for a 17 year old who skates with the fucking Leafs without wearing any protective gear. real good fucking role model.

this situation made me feel sad for that girl. then I felt sad for all of them. then I felt sad for humanity because of things like this. yeah. you read that right. you may now proceed to feel shame for half of the human species.

on a totally new topic, fucking drivers who feel the need to come to a full stop when they try to turn a corner drives me nuts. oh my god I have to turn the steering wheel it’s so hard so I have to make sure I’m going so slow that I can solely concentrate on that and that’s so much easier when I’m stopped!

those people need to watch this and understand that corners are not things to be frightened of. so, yes, it’s a larger corner and not a street in a city or anything, but still… CORNER! FAST! NOT STOPPED!

you know what would be of benefit to these people? this. actually, no, I’ll do that and they can continue being fucking retards, because then that way, they aren’t pissing off people who know how to turn a vehicle with their foot on the gas at the same time.

and done.

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