it’s safe to say that every day for the last two weeks, I’ve thought “I should probably write up a new post” at some point during the day. I’ve had good ideas, bad ideas, in between ideas, upside down ideas, and no ideas. and it’s not for the lack of time either. oh no, there are plenty of opportunities for me to sit down and spin a tale of…might… and stuff… is it laziness? I dunno. is it a lack of interest? i dunno. probably not. maybe? you know one reason I think is pretty good personally? I don’t blog at work, nor will I.

That being said, I don’t often mention work on here. were I employed in an area where I could shamelessly, and often, self-promote, it might be a different story. but I’m not, and it isn’t.

however, recent events had me just about foaming at the mouth at work and had me in a ranting mood. the problem is that it would be a bad thing to come here and rant about it in detail. I won’t start, and I never have done that.

so, with a little detail as possible…

our department was transferred to another one.

there you go.

ok, no that’s not the whole story, and I’m sure you can figure that out. but really, think about it for a second. if you did that, or had to go through that in a major way, you’d probably appreciate some kind of notice or info or memo sent out by the New Person in Charge saying something like “oh hi, I’m the New Person in Charge, and there will be changes, and they might take a while, and when we are able, we’ll give you a heads up about it.”

yep, I’d have gotten up from my chair and cheered at that basic amount of information being sent out.

instead, we get the silent treatment and rumours. I have many more choice words I could use here, but as this is a public forum, and you never know, then I’ll do the “politely-speaking-through-gritted-teeth” thing.

nothing. nada. no comprendo no cumminicationado.

well, now that’s not entirely true, because there WAS something sent out, but do you think it was sent to all the employees who should have seen it? ….. HAH you figured it out! i know this because I saw it today and was fucking stunned that it hadn’t been sent around in it’s brief simplicity of something along the lines of what i mentioned above.

I mean, for 99% of all jobs out there, “communication skills” are probably listed as relevant. this strikes me as shirking that obvious ability.


right, there’s a traffic circle in Sylvan Lake. ONE. if you ever took driver training and read the part in the book about traffic circles, you’d remember that you know, you signal in, through and out of them. I exit on a right coming off a left through the circle. I signal EVERY FUCKING TIME because I can’t tell you how many assholes enter the circle on my exit and think “hey that large red object must totally not be continuing right through here”. many times. that’s how many times some asshole has early t-boned me through there. worst was some dickhead in a gravel truck who figured “I’ll accelerate even though that guy is clearly indicating he is turning out here”.

traffic circles ARE NOT DIFFICULT. and then people bitch about them being too complicated. jesus christ on crutches. If you could learn and remember how to use them when you were 15, pretty sure unless you’re suffering a blow to the head causing total amnesia, you should be able to figure that one out.

on another vehicular related peeve…

if you’re in the fast lane on the highway and you have your cruise control on, a)don’t be going 1 over the limit and b)don’t let your 1 over cruise control dictate you passing someone in the slow lane while people are behind you trying to get by. you are an asshole. you should be in the other lane because you’re going slow. also, don’t give those “what? why me?” looks when people honk at you after you finally get out of the damn way. you know why. yeah you do.

I had another one, but I can’t remamber.

oh no, yes I do. I don’t know if this is endemic to Sylvan Lake only, or most smaller towns.

when there’s a minor collision on a road here, EVERY emergency vehicle in town shows up. and they block off the roads and cause headaches. like, tuesday, I’m coming home, there’s a minor collision at the intersection to turn in to town. a county emergency response truck, three cop cars, two ambulances, a fire truck and a rescue truck. do you know how many dead and/or severely injured people there were? none. i hope no one was in a fender bender on the other side of town, cause they would have been fucked for the jaws of life ten times over.

right. on to a lighter note. recently, those of the Vancouver Crew of Awesome were at a lumberjack party. while I was unable to attend, there are plenty of pictures. fortunately, these pictures showed that this party allowed certain people to express their true desires as lumberjacks.

[flickr id=”6261793151″ thumbnail=”medium” overlay=”false” size=”medium” group=”” align=”center”]

as to whether this was sung, that remains to be seen.

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