the Doc can dance?


i don’t make new year’s resolutions for two reasons; one, I think they’re kind of a stupid idea and two, I wouldn’t ever keep it.  I’m not really a fan of yearly recaps either, but let’s see what was going on on December 31st’s past…

2009 calgary punk show. 2008 talked about baggage charges. 2007 heading up to everett’s place. resulting in the drunk bagel. 2006 looking at pictures and random PoCo house adventure. 2005 feeling like a third wheel in Ontario.

wow, this’ll be the sixth new year i’ll be able to post about. that seems weird.

this year, relaxing in a backyard by a lake, having a fire and cooking marshmallows.

just remember, tonight is not a reset button, the only difference between today and tomorrow is putting up a new calendar.

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