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Rods and Cones

this is like the tenth time Predator has been on tv in the last week. good thing it’s a good movie otherwise that might start to get old.

tonight we have our derby Christmas party. tonight also happens to be the night when people converge on the Ciavarro dwelling to suckle chad’s balls. much like last year I’ll be making an appearance by webcam with my own little tree and decorations. not at fun as all as being there, but at least I can share a few laughs and keep myself as part of the tradition. there’s something to be said for the benefit of webcams and annual traditions be kept.

this derby party is a big deal to most people here. for me, I always maintain that some things are more important than derby. when I found out the derby party was the same night as this year’s ball loving to chad, i made sure people knew which came first. the same thing goes for FUBAR camping. there’s supposed to be a big western canadian derby tourny in June next year. June is also the month of Fubar camping. No one is sure of the dates yet, but one thing’s for sure; as much as I’d like to ref at a tournament, if it’s during fubar camping, then fuck that. yes, tournaments are important. playing stickball and singing random songs and having argument about dinosaurs drunkenly around a camp fire with your best friends is more important.

we’re having some kind of chinese gift re-gift exchange thing at the party tonight. i think the point was to not have to spend any money and instead just regift those tacky or shitty gifts your relatives get you that you have to smile about and pretend to like then stuff way at the back of the closet. having packed up and moved around a lot over a lot of years, shit like that tends to be tossed away when the boxes come out again. i thought about just picking something up at zellers, but then i realized i have a drink mixer that’s just sitting on my shelf that i have no clue where i got it that I have never used once, and lots of family guy shot glasses that have probably never seen the light of day. or light of night. or booze. so that’s solved.

now, as your weekend gets going remember one important thing:


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