through the side door

i went to look at another place today after work. it’s the best place i’ve probably ever looked at and i’m super stoked on the price. it’s pretty much the same layout as Chad and Danielle’s place, only smaller. BUT. i didn’t have to put the laminate or tile or paint or appliances in here. ok, that was pretty fun when we all played at being Mike Holmes fixing up their place…

i walked in and was like “i need to move here. now.” except not right now. more like start of september now. which they didn’t have an issue with. plus, since i don’t have a pet they said they’d knock the price down by $25 a month.

it has a DISHWASHER. i haven’t lived in a place with a dishwasher since i moved out to go to Ottawa. that’s eight years without a dishwasher. and a double sink. seriously. AND a giant built in microwave. AND all new appliances.

k, you get the idea.

the lady said they have one other application in, but that mine will probably get preference. don’t know why, but let’s go with i was super charming and awesome. shut up, it could happen.

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