filip ustering

the trailer park neighbours are restless tonight. one cop car down, how many to go? i dunno. kind of reinforces my thoughts about buying a painball gun and just picking people off while they stand outside and yell like assholes.

anyway. that is an SKS. it’s fun.

i finally managed to meet up with T from Moxies. ended up going to a lounge for a bit then going to see how fast we could lose $20 at the casino. pretty sure we roll in very different crowds, but whatever, I had a good time, she had a good time. plus it’s a step outside the derby bubble.

a prelim of the next auction list went up the other day. WANT. BADLY.

sometimes in some of our MPP classes, if there was a lull I’d look up specs on shotgun stocks. I remember one time Hart told me after class one day “you scare me pat.” and I asked why and she goes “you look at guns in class.” i shrugged. they know im not scary.

right now there is a white guy living in a trailer park outside trying to pull off a james brown impression endlessly yelling “GITONBACK! PRAISE TH’ LORD!” going to close the window now…

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