wide eyed wanderings

i didn’t have much else to do, so i turned on the camera and just made this up.  i think it sounds kind of neat. it’s easy enough to hear that it wasn’t planned out what with the notes never quite jiving, but it still has a pretty decent structure to it.

the lovely Shambled Rambler Kris left a pretty nice name drop in this direction in her last q&a video. yeah, that was my idea. yeah it was totally brought on by hearing an epic pick up line tried on one of the derby girls which resulted in utter failure. well… utter in the sense that the dude didn’t get any. not so utter failure in the sense that it provided hours of entertainment for the rest of us. you know, there’s that whole ‘two sides to every coin’ thing. for us to be entertained, I had to sic a drunk douchebag on someone. do i feel guilty about it? no, because the dozen or more other people enjoyed the results. that a way better return on investment than feeling bad about it.

the last couple of days have been those kind that drag on, and to solve that you end up making plans but those fall through which only add to it. you know those days when you do something super awesome and feel great only to have something shit in your face and ruin your good mood and then you get over that but then it comes up again but sorts itself out and so on and so forth?

yeah, you get it.

i was supposed to go for dinner with the Moxie’s waitress tonight, but then one of those things that just adds to the up and down nature of the last few days came up and now we’re not meeting up until tuesday. kind of sucks, I was looking forward to getting to know a) a non-derby person, b) of female persuasion, c) who is damn fine looking.

i’ve managed to only talk to one derby person after monday, and that really doesn’t count seeing as how she works in the same building and is on the inter-office communicator thing. a lot of people fucked off up to Grande Prairie because there’s a new team up there so there’s some showcase thing going on. my thought on it was, no i went to medicine hat, and fuck no i dont want to go way up there for a day and then have to come back tired as shit.

tomorrow im going to see the new Predators movie with sheena. this is a good thing seeing as how it’s been way to goddamn long since i’ve been able to hang out with her. also because going to see a Predator movie with a chick who’s insanely hot and actually knows how funny “GET TO DA CHOPPA!” is? fucking epic.

sunday I’m going to see how fast I can empty a magazine on an SKS.

i thought about doing a video blog thing, but then i thought nah, that probably would have been better suited for a year or more or so ago when i had peak readership.

on a brighter note, i actually managed to clean off my kitchen table for the first time in about six months.

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