reaching out to me

last night was the Tool concert. i mean really, what else do I need to say other than it was fucking fantastic? it’s Tool, it’s pretty much impossible for it to be a bad show.

there were two guys who were in the row right in front of me. you could tell which of them was the Tool fan and which was the douche bag clinger. it wasn’t hard to see considering one was wearing a tour shirt and one was wearing Affliction and doused in cologne so he made sure that the entire fucking section knew he was there. and all he wanted to do was go get more beer in the middle of the show while his buddy was rocking out.

personally, i think he was a waste of a ticket.

then there was the guy right next to them who popped some pills and tried to keep his joint hidden and turned the concert into a ‘so you think you can dance’ demo. he tried to jump onto the floor and was kicked out. that was entertaining.

anyway. today was a red bull day. managed to clean up my place a bit more. sleep now.

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