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i’ll have a post vancouver wrap up post up in the next day or so. never had a chance last night. also, i thought i got on the skytrain with plenty of time before my flight. by the time i got to the check in counter the dude there was like “wow, cutting it preeeetty close there.” anyway, i made it, my bags made it, got back to red deer around 10:30, unpacked, stood there for a second wondering what to repack for the morning, stuffed a bunch of stuff in, put four of the eight new wheels i bought on, and then slept. and then woke up. and then through a series of short drives and plane rides am now sitting in the radisson in Fort McMurray. in a giant room with giant sleep number beds in it.

i was kind of zoning out thinking on the plane up here that after i graduated i probably would have liked a job where i drove around or flew around to different places and did stuff. i guess i was hoping that’s be like, vancouver to hong kong or something but whatever. i’ve been more places in the province in the last six months than probably the last three years. so yeah, fort mcmurray.

honestly, i had no idea what to bring. so ive got office clothes mixed in with nomex pipeline coats and hiking boots. it’ll work. either that or i’ll find a marks work warehouse and pick up some coveralls or something.

the land around here from the air looks fucking desolate. really. it all looks dead. and it only looks like that because the forests are a mix of deciduous and conifer. more deciduous, so everything kind of is dead right now anyway. but yeah, fuck it looks odd.

we have our big briefing in an hour and a half. im hungry so i think i’ll go to the mcdicks across the road and get some chicken nuggets. dont ask me why chicken nuggets, i just really want them right now.

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